A Better “To Do” List

To Do List If you”re anything like me, you’ve got countless “To Do” lists – shopping lists, client-work to be completed, things to fix around the house … well, it can go on and on can’t it!

Most times my lists would get scribbled in my Moleskine Notebook, but just as often I would be jotting things down on a scrap of paper that would inevitably get lost.

Teux-Deux is an on-line to-do list that is really easy to use and is absolutely free. Once you create an account and sign-in, you can immediately start adding things to your list. There are two places to add items – either on a specific day, or in an area designated for “someday”, for those things you want to get done but don’t have a set time frame for.

Things that you have scheduled on a certain day, but didn’t get done, are simply moved to the next day. Anything you did get done simply gets checked off, just like our good ol’ paper list.

For iPhone users, Teux-Deux has a great mobile application as well.

Have a look. I think you’ll like it. It’s all I use now.

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