Are You Ignoring Your Customers?

In today’s digital marketplace, being engaged with your customers is more important than ever before. With the evolution of mobile devices, users are demanding your attention in ways we never would have imagined just a few short years ago.

They want real-time information, and they not only want it now, they want it in a format that is most convenient for them.

Twitter feeds, Facebook timelines and mobile websites have become important channels for the new age of consumer. Smart Phones and tablets are being used to research products and services more than ever before.

Are you giving your customers the information they want, when and how they want it?

Here are 4 initial areas to look at:

  • Facebook – Have you set up a Facebook Page for your business? Are you posting at least once a day? Are you responding to user comments?
  • Twitter – Have you created a Twitter profile? Are you tweeting on a regular basis? Are you engaging your followers?
  • Website – Is your website mobile friendly? Take a look at it on a Smart Phone – is it easy to use or do you have to “Pinch & Zoom” to read it? Is it fast loading?
  • Blogging – Are you blogging on a regular basis? Is the information you are providing relevant to your industry? Are you creating quality content?

This is a very small list of things to look at. There are many more Social Media channels – YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram – just to name a few. Website considerations not only include the fact that they need to be mobile friendly, but we also need to consider Search Engine Optimization, load times and the quality of the content.

The one thing to remember, however, is to engage your users. Keep them up to date on your product or service offerings, ensure your content is consumable on any device, and use multiple channels to get your message out there.

And please – don’t ignore your customers.



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