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10 Essentials For A Service-Based Business Website

By thepridhamgroup / June 9, 2023 /

In an increasingly digital age, your service-based business website acts as the public face of your company. It’s often the first point of contact for potential customers, setting the tone for the interaction they’ll have with your business. And here’s the crux of it – your website isn’t just about beautiful design; it’s about function,…

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5 Facts About Fonts

By thepridhamgroup / February 14, 2017 /

When choosing fonts for your website, there is one main idea to keep in mind. Readability In this article, we will discuss 5 points about fonts that you should keep in mind when deciding on typography for your website.

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5 Ways To Make Your Blog More Interesting

By thepridhamgroup / March 3, 2016 /

Let’s face it. For most of us, business blogging is hard. I know it is for me. Coming up with new ideas, doing the research, and then doing the actual writing are all big pieces of it. It takes time, patience, strategy, consistency and perseverance.

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Monday Morning Marketing Moment #1

By thepridhamgroup / February 22, 2016 /

Welcome to our first “Monday Morning Marketing Moment”. This is the first in a series of short blog posts that center around digital marketing. Today I’m going to pass on a tip that I learned from Kim Garst of Boom Social, and this is something that I have actually just started doing myself.

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