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New Years Website Cleanup

New Year’s Website Cleanup

By thepridhamgroup / January 2, 2019 /

  January has always been the time when we look at changing things up. We make New Year’s resolutions, maybe decide to start eating better, get a bit more exercise, or, as business owners, looking at what we can change in our business to make it more profitable and efficient. One thing that we should…

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A Handy Twitter Checklist

By thepridhamgroup / February 22, 2015 /

If you downloaded my Facebook Checklist, you may find this handy Twitter Checklist useful as well. I know I always like to have a checklist handy when creating new Social Media profiles, or even when reviewing them to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

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A Handy Facebook Checklist

By thepridhamgroup / February 11, 2015 /

When learning something new, it is often helpful to have a checklist in order to ensure we don’t miss anything. In the case of applications, we often need to revisit them to keep up with changes and updates. Facebook is one such application. Rules change, layouts change, and profile settings change. To help you out,…

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