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Are You Using Hashtags For Business?

By thepridhamgroup / October 6, 2015 /

Love ’em or hate ’em, it’s pretty clear hashtags are going to be around for awhile. What used to be, and still is, the pound sign (#), is now a symbol that is used on social media platforms to make it easier for users to find and contribute to messages relating to particular themes and…

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Embedding A Twitter Feed On Your Website – Should You Do It?

By thepridhamgroup / February 24, 2015 /

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I am a fan of Twitter. Twitter is a great place to connect, share information, and build relationships. You have no doubt seen websites that have their Twitter feed embedded in their website, generally in the footer or sidebar. It’s fairly easy to do, but should you do it?…

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10 Ways To Get More Twitter Retweets

By thepridhamgroup / February 23, 2015 /

Do you you remember this commercial? This is a perfect example of how Retweeting works. With over 280 million monthly active users, Twitter has become one of the main stages of the Social Media world. Of course, with over 500 million Tweets being sent every day, we need to do everything we can to ensure our Tweets…

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A Handy Twitter Checklist

By thepridhamgroup / February 22, 2015 /

If you downloaded my Facebook Checklist, you may find this handy Twitter Checklist useful as well. I know I always like to have a checklist handy when creating new Social Media profiles, or even when reviewing them to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

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5 Website Mistakes You May Be Making

By thepridhamgroup / February 19, 2015 /

When building a website, every detail is important – from the content, to the images, to the placement of the various elements. Unfortunately, when launching a website, many things can be overlooked. With the proliferation of pre-made themes and DIY websites, many sites are being launched without thinking of how website elements work together, yet each having their own role.…

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The Right Image For The Right Purpose

By thepridhamgroup / February 18, 2015 /

Have you ever been lazy when creating images for Social Media? I have. It’s all to easy to create a single image, and then spread it around your various social media networks, like it’s a “one size fits all” thing. But guess what? It isn’t. Every social media channel has a specific size image that…

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A Handy Facebook Checklist

By thepridhamgroup / February 11, 2015 /

When learning something new, it is often helpful to have a checklist in order to ensure we don’t miss anything. In the case of applications, we often need to revisit them to keep up with changes and updates. Facebook is one such application. Rules change, layouts change, and profile settings change. To help you out,…

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The Benefits Of Twitter Lists

By thepridhamgroup / February 10, 2015 /

Twitter lists are a very effective way of organizing the people that you follow, but it is an often underutilized feature. This article will explain what Twitter lists are, how to create them and why you should be using them. What are Twitter lists? A Twitter List is simply a collection, or group, of Twitter…

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Are You Ignoring Your Customers?

By thepridhamgroup / September 12, 2013 /

In today’s digital marketplace, being engaged with your customers is more important than ever before. With the evolution of mobile devices, users are demanding your attention in ways we never would have imagined just a few short years ago. They want real-time information, and they not only want it now, they want it in a…

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Best Times For Social Media Sharing

By thepridhamgroup / February 21, 2013 /

As a business owner, I want to make sure that my time spent on Social Media is as effective as possible. With that it mind, I did a bit of research that I thought I’d pass on to you. Every Social Media network has different “best times”. There has been countless studies done on this…

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