MAP Strategic Workforce Services

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The Brief

MAP Strategic Workforce Services is an industry-led non-profit organization dedicated to creating inclusive and learning cultures in NB workplaces through effective mentorship curriculums, change management strategies and human resources best practices.

After operating a website for many years, MAP Strategic Workforce Services needed a website that would be better aligned with their brand, and that provided easy access to the various programs that they offer.

Our Solution

Our solution was a custom website, built from the ground up on the WordPress platform.

After analyzing their current website, we worked with them to reorganize their content. We then took the reigns and designed a new, mobile-friendly, bilingual website, created a custom database and implemented custom programming that will allow them to run custom reports whenever they need them.

They are also able to easily update their website at any time using our user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.

Have a look at MAP Strategic Workforce Services.

MAP-Strategic-Workforce-Services Displayed On Multiple Devices
MAP Strategic Workforce Services displayed on a MacBook