Way Up Strategic Solutions

The Brief

Client Overview

The Pridham Group was approached by WayUp Solutions to create a new website to replace their existing one.

Way Up Strategic Solutions is a fundraising communications company based in Saint John, New Brunswick. Christine Gilliland, the owner of Way Up Strategic Solutions, provides fundraising communications, copywriting, coaching, and consulting services.

The client’s primary goal was to have a modern and user-friendly website that effectively portrayed Christine’s professional expertise as well as captured her personality.


Our Solution

Design Approach

Text-Based Focus

Recognizing the importance of content in conveying WayUp Solutions’ message, we opted for a primarily text-based approach to emphasize the client’s expertise and the services they provide.

The website’s content would serve as the primary source of information and engagement.

Minimalist Design

The Pridham Group understood the significance of a clean and uncluttered interface for conveying professionalism and ensuring a seamless user experience.

A minimalist design was chosen to create a visually appealing website that would enable visitors to focus on the content and easily navigate through the various sections.

Limited Use of Images

To maintain a minimalist aesthetic and prioritize content, we intentionally limited the use of images.

Only essential visual elements that complemented the written content were incorporated, ensuring that they did not overshadow or distract from the website’s primary purpose.

Showcasing Personality

While maintaining a minimalist design, the Pridham Group aimed to infuse the website with WayUp Solutions’ personality and brand identity.

By utilizing typography, colour schemes, and the strategic use of whitespace, we sought to create a visually distinct experience reflecting the client’s professionalism and innovation, right down to the Bic pen that Christine prefers.


White Space Utilization

The website employs generous amounts of white space, strategically placing content and visual elements to enhance readability and provide a clean, modern look. The ample white space allowed visitors to focus on the key messages and easily navigate the site.

WordPress Framework

The Pridham Group leveraged the WordPress framework for website development. WordPress offers flexibility and ease of content management, allowing the client to update and modify the website easily as needed. Customization options were utilized to achieve the desired minimalist design and ensure responsiveness across various devices.

Typography and Color Scheme

A carefully chosen typography style and colour scheme were implemented to enhance the user experience and showcase WayUp Solutions’ brand personality. The typography reflected professionalism, while the colour scheme aligned with the client’s existing branding and evoked a sense of trust and reliability.

The Result

The collaboration between the Pridham Group and WayUp Solutions resulted in a successful website that effectively portrayed the client’s professionalism and expertise.

The minimalist design approach, focusing on text-based content with limited images, provided a clean and modern interface, while the strategic use of white space enhanced readability and ease of navigation, allowing visitors to engage with the content seamlessly.

By incorporating the client’s personality through typography and colour schemes, the website captured the essence of WayUp Solutions’ brand identity.

WayUp Solutions now has a visually appealing and user-friendly website, showcasing Christine’s unique expertise while maintaining a modern and professional image.

The WordPress framework ensures easy content management, empowering the client to update and modify the website independently.

Overall, the new website design has revitalized WayUp Solutions’ online presence, enabling them to effectively attract and engage potential clients.

Website Care

As part of their Website Care Plan, we look after their website hosting as well as making sure their website is safe and secure by ensuring their WordPress application and WordPress plugins are always kept up to date.

Their Care Plan also includes security measures such as Login Protection, SPAM Protection, 24/7 Uptime Monitoring, Daily Off-Site Website Backups, protection against Brute Force Attacks, and regular Malware Scans.

It also includes Monthly Website Reports that let the client know exactly what we did (and when) to protect their website, as well as outlining any requested design or programming updates that we performed on their website.

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