Website Design | Sophia Recovery Centre | Saint John

The Brief

Sophia Recovery Centre provides a safe, hopeful, accepting environment of sharing, mentoring and learning for women seeking healing.

Their existing website was looking dated, and it lacked the functionality that is very important to associations that have been impacted by COVID-19. It was also very difficult for the association to update.

They wanted a fresh look, an online forum, local support, and the ability to update their website on their own.

Our Solution

Our solution was a custom website built on WordPress. Using their existing branding, we designed and developed a website that had a friendly feel, but more importantly, made the information easy to find.

We incorporated an online forum (accessible to members only), a fresh new look, and an easy online editor that lets staff quickly and easily update the website as needed.

Have a look at the new website at

With our easy-to-use front-end website editor, designed specifically for WordPress, the staff at Sophia Recovery Centre can easily edit their website.

Website Care

As part of their Website Care Plan, we look after their website hosting as well as making sure their website is safe and secure by ensuring their WordPress application and WordPress plugins are always kept up to date.

Their Care Plan also includes security measures such as Login Protection, SPAM Protection, 24/7 Uptime Monitoring, Daily Off-Site Website Backups, protection against Brute Force Attacks, and regular Malware Scans.

It also includes Monthly Website Reports that let the client know exactly what we did (and when) to protect their website, as well as outlining any requested design or programming updates that we performed on their website.

If you are interested in having a custom website designed and developed, please reach out to us. We'd be happy to set up a free consultation to discuss your requirements.