Blue Claw Landscape Development

[ Website Design and Development ]

The Brief

Blue Claw Landscape Development is a full-service landscape construction and maintenance company, based in Cape Cod.

We were approached to create 4 separate websites for Blue Claw Associates that would showcase their various services, including Blue Claw Property Management & Concierge, Blue Claw Masonry, Blue Claw Landscape Development and Blue Claw Associates.

The Solution

Our solution was to create the websites to have a very similar look and feel across the board, but each with their own content and imagery. This creates brand familiarity and a sense of cohesiveness.

The result was 4 mobile-friendly websites that tied in beautifully to each other, portray the company as leaders in their industry in Cape Cod and surrounding areas, and add to the growth and success of the various divisions of Blue Claw Associates divisions.

Image of Website Sample by The Pridham Group
Photo of Blue Claw Landscaping Website on a Laptop
Photo of the Blue Claw Landscape Development and Maintenance Website on a Mobile Phone