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30,000 websites are hacked every day.

Don't let your website be one of them!

Don't let your website become a statistic

    • 43% of all data breaches involve small and mid-size businesses


    • On average, there is an attack every 39 seconds on the web


    • Hackers create 300,000 new pieces of malware daily


    • Hackers steal 75 records every second


    • 46% of web applications have critical vulnerabilities


Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.

Ginni Rometty
Former Chairman, President and CEO of IBM

Black Laptop Used Fro Hacking Websites

How would your business be impacted if your website was compromised?

Business Woman With Hacked Website

If your website becomes compromised (hacked), it can mean much more than just an inconvenience. The ramifications of having a hacked website can be far reaching.

Search engines such as Google will devalue your website until your website is cleaned. And even then, it will take a while to repair your search engine ranking.

Repairing (cleaning) a hacked website can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention the lost revenue.

Your clients may be hesitant to return to your website, and may even lose faith in your business.

Regular Website Maintenance Is Vital

Just like your computer’s operating system, your website should be updated on a regular basis.

Your website is a fundamental element of your business. It generates leads, brings in new clients, and of course, revenue. It needs to be available to your clients, without interruption, 24/7.

Your website should always be up to date with fresh content and new information for your clients, and you always want to make sure your website is safe and secure.

Our website Care Plans are designed to provide worry-free care of your website - monitoring it, applying security patches, and providing regular monthly maintenance.

We can also outline specific strategies to help you maximize the effectiveness of your website marketing.

The Pridham Group - Website Security

What's Included?

WordPress Core Updates

Updates to the WordPress Core application are released periodically. These updates include bug fixes, security updates and general software updates. Falling to update your core WordPress files can leave your website open to possible security risks.

When new updates are released, they are first tested on our servers.  Once they get the green light, we then update your website,

WordPress Plugin Updates

Just like the WordPress Core application, WordPress plugin updates are also periodically released. These updates also  include bug fixes, security updates and functional updates.

Falling to update your these WordPress plugins is one of the main reasons for websites being hacked.

As with the core files, when updates are released, they are first tested on our servers and then updated on your website.

Off-Site Website Backups

We perform two full backups of your website each day and store them in two separate locations. In addition, a full backup is performed before any updates are made to your website.

If anything ever goes wrong with your website, we are able to restore it from one of these backups and have everything back to normal in no time.

Security Monitoring

Most websites are attacked several times a day. We employ several layers of protection for  our clients' websites. On top of that, we continuously monitor every website.

We are automatically notified whenever there is unusual activity connected with your website which allows us to take immediate action.

We're very proud of the fact that we have not had a website hacked that we maintain in the 15 years that we have been in business.

Uptime Monitoring

We know it's important for your website to be available at all times.

We automatically check your website every 15 minutes and are notified immediately if our software cannot connect to your website.

If we find an issue we take immediate action to resolve the problem.

We offer a 99.9% uptime, which is our 5 year real-time uptime average.

Monthly Reports

We provide monthly reports outlining all the tasks we have performed on your website each month.

You'll see at a glance how many backups we have stored for you, what we've updated for you, how many days your website has been up and the results of security scans.

To be honest, most of our clients never look at the reports - they just trust us to do our job.  But, when you so want the info, everything's right there for you.

Enhanced Transactional Email Delivery

It's extremely important that emails from your online forms (contact forms, registration forms, etc) are delivered to you without fail.

We have partnered up with MailGun to ensure smooth delivery of emails from your forms.

Enhanced SPAM Control

No one wants SPAM, especially for their Contact or Registration forms.

That's why we have partnered up with CleanTalk Anti-Spam to combat the bad guys, so you wont be inundated with SPAM from your website forms.

Premium WordPress Plugins

Included with your care plan are over $2800 worth of premium and pro plugins and services - plugins and service like Advanced Custom Fields Pro, Rank Math Pro SEO, Events Calendar Pro, Uptime Robot Pro, Font Awesome Pro, Formidable Forms Pro, Profile Builder Pro, and many more.

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