Creating Your Customer Avatar

You can't hit a target you can't see, and you can't see a target you don't have.

This is the second step of creating your customer avatar. In this step, we'll talk about your target audience's fears and frustrations.

Customer Avatar

Your Customer Avatar
[ Part 2 ]


This section will challenge you to think about your client's fears and frustrations and how you will solve their problems.

As with the first section, I encourage you to put some thought into this and be as specific as you possibly can.

Every Business Solves A Problem

Every business is created to solve a problem. Music streaming services were created because people wanted to be able to listen to any artist they wanted to without having to buy CD's. Income Tax applications were created so that individuals could do their own taxes instead of going to an accounting service. Landscaping business were created because home owners wanted a nice lawn without weeds.

This exercise will help you:

  • Define the problem that you are solving;
  • Define your solution to their problem;
  • Identify the fears and frustrations that your ideal client has;
  • Identify how your client feels after buying your product or service;
  • Be more effective with your digital strategy and online adverting;
  • Refine your website content to better connect with your ideal customer;
  • Better anticipate your target market needs and desires.

We suggest setting aside 30-60 minutes to answer the following questions.

Please take some time to think about each question. Being concise about your ideal customer will lead to a much more effective marketing strategy. The more precise you can be, the more effective you will be.

Let's Continue Building Your Customer Avatar

Create Your Customer Avatar - Part Two

Your Contact Information

We'll need some information about you before we start.

BEFORE Your Client Does Business With You

Let's look at what your customer's problems are and what their state of mind is before they buy your product or service.

AFTER Your Client Does Business With You

Now let's look at how you solve your customer's problems and their state of mind after they buy your product or service. Refer to the answers above when answering these questions and think about how you have improved their life with your product or service.