How Much Is Unclear Messaging Costing You?

How many potential customers are you losing because they just don't understand your offer?

How many potential customers visit your website only to leave because they don't understand your offer, don't know why they should buy your services or products, or don't know how to buy your services or products? How many sales are you losing simple because of bad content writing?

This lack of clarity is costing you money!

When people land on your website, they want to know three things:

  • What do you do?
  • How can you make my life better?
  • How do I buy what you are selling?

If your potential customers don't get this in the first few seconds, there's a good chance you've already lost the sale.

They've hit the back button and are already on your competitor's website.

Let's fix that!

Man confused becasue of bad content wrting on a website.
Ordering online becaue of good content writing

Define - Refine - Redesign

Your website should be a 24/7 selling machine for your business. It should be creating interest in your products or services, generating sales leads, and making it easy for people to hire you, buy your product or service, or schedule a meeting.

But in order to do this, your content must be crystal clear.

This is where we can help. We'll work with you to:

  • Define exactly who you should be marketing to
  • Refine your messaging so your website visitors will know exactly what you offer and why they should do business with you
  • Redesign the content on your website to entice your website visitors to explore your website and become a customer

Would you like to:

Discover what content mistakes you are making on your website?

Learn how to fix these mistakes and start getting more sales leads?

Reserve your free 30-minute time slot with Mark Pridham for an evaluation of your existing website and learn how you can start getting more business today.