3 Ways To Improve Your Calls To Action

3 Ways To Improve Your Calls To Action
On a website, a Call To Action (or CTA) is any element that encourages your website visitors to do something, or to “take action”. This may mean downloading a PDF, filling out a form, booking a consultation, buying a ticket, signing up for your service, etc.
If you find your visitors are not taking action, there are 3 things you can do improve your Call To Action.

1. Ensure that the CTA is “Above The Fold
This simply means having the CTA visible without the user needing to scroll.
This term is actually a carry-over from the Newspaper industry. Newspapers will position the most important news stories and headlines on the top half of the front page so they can be seen even when the newspaper is folded. The idea for your website is to capture the visitors’ focus as soon as they land on your page, without needing to scroll.
2. Make the CTA stand out
In order to be effective, a CTA must stand out from the rest of the website. Very often Calls To Action are in the form of a button, and these buttons can be designed to stand out by using a colour that is well separated from the background. Another way to make a CTA stand out is by adding graphics (arrows, checkmarks, etc) or by making the CTA a large element on the page.
3. Clearly state the Benefits
If the message is vague, or if the benefit is not clear, visitors to your website may be wary of clicking or buying. By succinctly defining the main benefit of doing business with you, or of buying your product or service, you are giving a visitor a clear reason to click. The benefits can be explained in accompanying text that supports the CTA, explained in the CTA itself, or both.

A few examples …

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a few examples for you


Evernote has combined all of the 3 above steps in their CTA. They have kept it above the fold, so you do not have to scroll to see it. They have made it stand out by using the same green colour as in their logo against a muted background (which also serves to visually tie the page together), and they have clearly explained the benefits of using Evernote.  Evernote Call To Action


DropBox has also has combined all of the 3 above steps in their CTA. By using a very clean design, your eyes are automatically drawn to the dark blue CTA, which is the same blue that is used in their logo.  The benefits of using DropBox are clearly defined, and everything is seen without scrolling.

DropBox Call To Action


Akismet has their CTA situated in the center of the page, and unlike DropBox and Evernote, use a colour that is in contrast to their logo. Their CTA also does a very good job of emphasizing the benefit of using the service – Say Goodbye To Comment Spam. Everything is easily seen, clearly explained, and is seen above the fold.

Akismet Call To Action


Netflix, like DropBox and Evernote, uses the red colours of the logo against a dark background to make their CTA stand out and tie the page together visually. The benefits are clearly explained – watch anywhere, cancel anytime, join free for a month. And, like the other examples, everything is above the fold.

Netflix Call To Action

These are just 3 ways to make a Call To Action work better for you. If your potential customers are not taking action, try making these changes.


Mark Pridham is the owner of The Pridham Group, a digital agency based in Saint John, New Brunswick.

A lifelong resident of Saint John, Mark is passionate about supporting and promoting local businesses.

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