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Sheets of paper In a recent post, I talked about using an online application for your “To Do” lists. By far the majority of my lists, scheduling, correspondence and even note-taking is done on some sort of electronic device … mainly my Mac, iPad or iPhone. The majority of my bills are sent/received electronically, my banking is 95{f6f7d31e87099d0d6b7ac3a4bf513410b4bc7fc64f9a286f558d07e02807de3e} online, and my filling cabinet has been reduced to a dozen or so file folders.

But .. I do know there of many who still prefer a paper-based system. I still carry around my Moleskine, so yeah, I get the pen and paper thing.

So, for all you paper lovers, here are a few online resources that I thought you might enjoy.

Dotted Paper – A simple PDF created for designers, and it’s completely free. Of course, non-designers can use it too. It’s basically graph paper without the lines.

Plaaan – A calendar tool that you can use to create and print out customized planners in PDF format. You can choose how the planner is displayed, start and end dates, paper size and orientation. Most of the options are 100{f6f7d31e87099d0d6b7ac3a4bf513410b4bc7fc64f9a286f558d07e02807de3e} free. The ones that aren’t are dirt cheap.

Tools For The Tired & Timed Starved – has a variety of household printable templates that you can download for free – To Do Lists, Schedules, Chore Lists, Party Planning Lists, etc.

Student Handouts – Yet another free download. An hour-by-hour weekly planner that is great for students – or anyone who needs a weekly planner.

Do you have a great online resource for printable templates? Feel free to share in the comment section.

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