Monday Morning Marketing Moment #1

Monday Morning Marketing Moment #1

Welcome to our first “Monday Morning Marketing Moment”. This is the first in a series of short blog posts that center around digital marketing.

Today I’m going to pass on a tip that I learned from Kim Garst of Boom Social, and this is something that I have actually just started doing myself.

For those of you who blog, I know that many of you generally post an image that will be in line with the topic of the blog post. For instance, if you were going to post an article entitled, “5 Quick, Easy and Healthy Dinners”, you might post an image of a family sitting around the kitchen table, which, of course, would fit perfectly in context with your article.

The problem arises,, however, when you share (or someone else shares) the blog post on a social sharing platform such as Pinterest.

When people view the image without having any context around it, they will have no idea what the image is referring to and will be less likely to click on it. In our example, the image of a family around a kitchen table “could” be about food, but it could just as easily be about parents talking to their children, or simply about a family eating together. The point is, there is no context when the image is seen on it’s own.

The answer, and today’s tip is – add the heading of your post to your blog image. Your image will automatically have context on whatever platform it is shared on, and people will immediately know what the image is referring to.

We all know that images get much more engagement that any other type of post, so this technique will also get you more traction on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Do you think this is something that you would like to try in your blog? Let me know in the comments below.