Are You Using Pinned Tweets?

If you’ve been using Social Media for any length of time, you may know that Twitter allows you to pin a Tweet – in other words, you can specify a post that will stay at the top of your Twitter timeline. This is good news for anyone using Twitter as part of their overall marketing strategy.

I’ll show you how to do this, but first, let’s look at why you would want to use this feature.

Why use Pinned Tweets

When someone follows me, I like to give a little Twitter love as a thank you. Generally, I will take a few minutes to scroll through their latest tweets. This is for 2 reasons. First, I want to get a sense of who they are and what kind of information they are sharing. This helps me decide if I want to follow them back., Second, I am looking for something interesting that I can Re-Tweet.

If they have a Pinned Tweet, this makes my job much easier, because I know it’s something they want me to see, and I know it is important to them. It’s a perfect Re-Tweet scenario.

A Pinned Tweet will always be the first thing a prospective follower sees on my timeline, so instead of them seeing a random Tweet about where I had lunch or what kind of day I am having, they will see something important to me. It may be a link to a free report, my most recent blog post, or a project I want to share.

I love Re-Tweets. Re-Tweets puts my post in front of a much larger audience than I could ever do on my own, so I like to make it easy for followers to share the information that I deem most important. Pinned Tweets can result in more shares, more likes, and more clicks. What’s not to like?

How do you Pin a Tweet?

The great think about Pinned Tweets (other than what I have already mentioned) is that it is very easy and takes just a few minutes.

Here’s the process.

1. Log into your Twitter account and compose a Tweet. The Tweet should be something you want people to share. For a greater effect, use an image that is tailored to the Tweet.


2. Once you have posted the Tweet, look for the ellipses (…) underneath the Tweet and click on it.

3. Select “Pin To Your Profile Page” from the menu that appears.

4. Click Pin


… and that’s it.

Pinning a Tweet is easy to do and will result in more clicks, more likes and more shares.

Are you using Pinned Tweets on your Twitter feed? I’d love to know your thoughts. Let me know in the comments.


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