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Social MediaAs a business owner, I want to make sure that my time spent on Social Media is as effective as possible. With that it mind, I did a bit of research that I thought I’d pass on to you. Every Social Media network has different “best times”. There has been countless studies done on this subject, and every study appears to have slightly different answers. But, based on what I have seen and read, here are some basic guidelines for posting for business.


Best Day(s): Monday through Thursday

Best Time(s): 1PM – 3PM

Avoid: Fridays after 3PM, Anytime after 8PM, Weekends


Best Day(s): Wednesday

Best Time(s): 1PM -4PM

Avoid: 8PM – 8AM, Weekends


Best Day(s): Tuesday – Thursday

Best Time(s): 7AM – 9AM, 5PM – 6PM

Avoid: 8PM – Fridays after 3PM, Any day from 10PM – 6AM


Best Day(s): Tuesday – Thursday

Best Time(s): 9AM – 11AM

Avoid:Mondays and Fridays, Any day from 6PM – 8AM


Best Day(s): Saturday

Best Time(s): 2PM – 4PM, 8PM – 1AM

Avoid:Mondays and Fridays, Any day from 5PM – 7PM

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Mark Pridham

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