How’s Your Schedule?

bigstockphoto_To_Do_List_456758-300x200 I read a great story the other day in Success Magazine about Ron Howard. The article was titled How To Be The Nicest Guy In Hollywood, and talks a lot about his career, his fairness when working with others, and how he deals with conflict.

But one of the things that really grabbed me was how he planned out his day. In the article, he says

” … I’m a fairly disorganized person in life, and I’m extremely organized when I’m working. I realize that my practice of making shot lists is very, very thorough, so that in the morning by 7:45, I’ve got my list of from 23 to 56 setups that we have to do …”

He goes on to say:

“… it was only about three years ago that I realized, Wow, I could make a shot list for my daily life. And I do now and it does help. I get a lot more done …”

As business owners, we have to deal with a lot of unknowns during the week. Schedules change, emergencies pop up and our days can get completely switched around, but having a schedule – a plan for the week – can go a long way in controlling how effective we are, not just in business, but in life. I think we could all take a few lessons from the “Nicest Guy In Hollywood”.

You can read the full article HERE.

PS: Another great article for helping you schedule your week, written by Michael Hyatt can be seen HERE. He has lots of great tips and even has a free template that you can download.

What do you do to help you manage your week? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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