How Many Of Your Customers Are Mobile?

How Many Of Your Customers Are Mobile?

mobile-at-coffee-shop As we know, the amount of Internet users that use mobile devices is growing at a fast pace. Adults access more media on mobile devices than newspapers and magazines combined, and more and more users are using their mobile devices to access your website than ever before. If you are unsure if you should be bothering with a mobile-friendly website, here are just a few statistics for you:

  • 1 in 8 pageviews are from mobile devices
  • 61{f6f7d31e87099d0d6b7ac3a4bf513410b4bc7fc64f9a286f558d07e02807de3e} of customers who visit a mobile unfriendly site are likely to go to a competitor’s site
  • 75{f6f7d31e87099d0d6b7ac3a4bf513410b4bc7fc64f9a286f558d07e02807de3e} of customers prefer a mobile friendly site
  • 61{f6f7d31e87099d0d6b7ac3a4bf513410b4bc7fc64f9a286f558d07e02807de3e} of smartphone users make local searches from a mobile device
  • 20{f6f7d31e87099d0d6b7ac3a4bf513410b4bc7fc64f9a286f558d07e02807de3e} of telecom, 30{f6f7d31e87099d0d6b7ac3a4bf513410b4bc7fc64f9a286f558d07e02807de3e} of restaurant, and 25{f6f7d31e87099d0d6b7ac3a4bf513410b4bc7fc64f9a286f558d07e02807de3e} of movie searches are mobile
  • Global internet usage will more than double by 2015, and most of these users will be mobile

With statistics like that, I’d be hard pressed to come up with any reason not to have a mobile-friendly website. However, the most important statistics come from your own website. In this post, we will use Google Analytics to have a quick look at mobile traffic, using my website as an example.

Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that gives you many insights to your website, such a the amount of visitors you receive, how they use your website, how they found your website, and, of course, how many of your visitors are using mobile devices.

If you are not using Google Analytics, I strongly suggest you start. Your web developer should be able to do this quite easily for you in a few minutes, or, if you are savvy, you can install it yourself.

If you are already using Google Analytics, open up your dashboard. You will see something like this (of course, your numbers will be different): dashboard


There is lots of information here, but the one I want to focus on is the amount of total visits, in this case 314. Remember that number.

On the left hand side, you will see a menu item called “Mobile” (see below).


Go ahead and click on that item, and you will see the following:


This statistic very quickly tells me that in January, out of the 314 visits to my website in January, 65 of them were using a mobile device. Doing a bit of quick math. I know that this works out to just over 20{f6f7d31e87099d0d6b7ac3a4bf513410b4bc7fc64f9a286f558d07e02807de3e} of my website traffic. That, in my mind, is a significant amount of traffic, and tells me that I need to cater to these users. You, of course, will need to look at your own statistics and make a decision based on your own website traffic.

What are your thoughts? Are you currently catering to your mobile users? Do you think you need to?

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